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8 Motivational Self-Talk Keys

  1. When self-talk chides you for not reaching your goal, rebuke it! Remind yourself that your top priority now is to keep making progress and experience the process to its fullest. The most beneficial progress often takes more time than anticipated.
  2. Need motivation to succeed? Develop a happy, positive disposition first and foremost. 
  3. You don’t need every little detail planned out in order to take the first step of your journey. Knowing what you want to, ultimately, achieve is enough to get you headed down the right path. Signs you see along the way continue to suggest where to place your foot next.
  4. Don’t depend on things “falling into place” or things happening solely  by chance. If you want to meet a goal, you must take action. This may involve taking your first step and/or make meaningful changes that lead to the positive results you desire.
  5. Pay special attention to your thoughts and mindset. They affect everything else in your life from your words to your actions and habits. You choose the thoughts that you allow to affect your life. Choose them wisely.
  6. When you can’t decide if you really want something, the ultimate test to help you decide is to research what it would take to get it. Then decide if you are motivated enough to do every thing it takes (and more) to reach your goal.
  7. Develop and maintain an optimistic mindset. Many successful people credit their high level of motivation to their continued positive outlook. Focusing on positive aspects and hope for the future leads to more happiness and enables you to see motivating events more easily.
  8. Finding the motivation to get started can be difficult. After beginning, your interest or excitement may die down. Look at your motivations. If nothing motivates you to continue, consider adjusting your options or the timing. Only put it on the back burner as a last resort.
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