Thursday, June 13, 2024
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5 Tips to Stay Motivated

  1. Maintaining your motivation is important to making progress and ultimately reaching your goal. Stack the odds in your favor by focusing on making daily progress rather than on the “big picture” goal. Let your daily progress motivate you to improve more tomorrow.
  2. There is a difference between “wishing” for and wanting something. Wishing implies that you’d like to have something but not enough to work for it. You don’t expect to receive it. Wanting implies that you are willing to work for something and you expect to earn what you want.
  3. Competition is a great motivator. Competing with your own “record,” on a daily basis, helps to inspire and motivate you to progress with small but important achievements.
  4. Identify and create a list of your motives for taking specific actions that are related to achieving your goal. Try to associate an emotion with each motive to make it more meaningful and effective.
  5. Strong motivation helps build your resilience or ability to bounce back from difficulties. Get to know what driving motives compel you to take action, even when you encounter multiple obstacles. Write down the strongest motives. Modify and reuse them in multiple situations.
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