The Shamanic Garden is published by Kevin Parker as a service offering for those who wish to unfurl their psychic being and move towards a higher state of consciousness. This is a sister site to PositiveAffirmations.Earth which focuses on the Law of Attraction and the scientific use of positive affirmations in day to day living.

As well as his publishing efforts, Kevin maintains a private practice designed to assist clients in their healing and spiritual evolution journeys. These include Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching and Counselling, Past Life Healing and Regression, Spirit Guide and Angelic Connection Training, manifesting with The Law of Attraction, Subtle Realms: Working with Nature Spirits and Angelic Beings, Dowsing Training and Attunement and other modalities as detailed throughout this site. Kevin also offers an Energetic Space Clearing and House and Land Whispering service.

Kevin Parker

Kevin has been trained to an advanced level by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He is a member of The Society of Shamanic Practice, Member Circle of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the House Whispering Academy (UK), the NSW Dowsers Society and the British Society of Dowsers. He is trained to Master level in Reiki. He is actively engaged in ongoing professional development across a range of alternative healing and esoteric modalities.

Kevin lives and practices from his home healing rooms on a couple of wild biodynamic cottage garden acres in the Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia. He has been happily married to Maddi’ for over 25 years with five wonderful children.

Kevin maintains a practice website kevinparker.com.au for more information.