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Building a Powerful Meditation Routine: Simplicity, Discipline, and Constancy

In the quiet corners of our day-to-day life, there lies an often untapped wellspring of peace and insight: a consistent meditation practice. The journey towards establishing a regular personal practice is indeed one of exploration and learning. Having navigated the myriad ways to cultivate mindfulness, it becomes apparent that three cardinal principles underpin a sustainable practice: simplicity, discipline, and constancy. A shortfall in any of these areas often signals a waning practice. Let’s delve deeper into each element, understanding their essence and significance in constructing a grounded meditation practice.


1. Simplicity of Daily Schedule and Routine

A cluttered life leaves little room for meditation. The first step towards a thriving practice involves clearing a physical and temporal space within our lives. Prioritizing meditation within the daily routine underscores its importance and reinforces the commitment to inner growth and peace. Strive to carve out a consistent time each day for meditation, ensuring it becomes as ingrained in your routine as eating or sleeping.

2. Simplicity of Thought and Attitude

Beyond the external, internal simplicity forms the crux of a sustainable practice. The cacophony of overthinking, doubts, and philosophical entanglements muddles our mental space, often leading to a collapse in practice. Embrace simplicity in thought and attitude, ensuring a clear, calm, and focused mindset that gracefully welcomes meditation into your life.

The Takeaway: Both external and internal simplicity serve as the foundational bedrock upon which a resilient meditation practice is built.


Despite the peaceful allure of meditation, it’s not always that our inner selves willingly succumb to its embrace. Enter discipline – the gentle yet firm hand that guides us back to our practice even amidst inner resistance. It’s this discipline that allows us to stay committed, ensuring the continuity of our practice despite the whims and caprices of the monkey mind.

Yet, a caveat: an excessive reliance on discipline often signals a lack of internal harmony. If discipline becomes a crutch, revisit the tenets of simplicity to smoothen the jagged paths that deter your practice.

The Takeaway: Discipline, while crucial, should complement rather than dominate the meditation journey. Its gradual diminishment, in turn, reflects the blossoming of internal balance and harmony.


Having planted the seeds with simplicity and nurtured the sapling with discipline, constancy emerges as the sustaining sunshine that allows your meditation practice to flourish. This involves creating and unwaveringly adhering to a practice schedule.

1. Priority Assessment

Begin with introspection, understanding the place of practice within the spectrum of your life’s obligations and priorities. This insight frames a realistic and achievable practice schedule, aligning with your life’s rhythm rather than jarring against it.

2. Scheduling

Work out consistent times and durations for practice, aiming for regularity over length. Ensure sessions extend beyond 30 minutes for tangible benefits. Like a river carving a canyon, let the regularity of practice seamlessly weave meditation into the tapestry of your daily life.

3. Start Modestly

Embark on this journey with humility and realism. Start with a manageable schedule, escalating only when comfort and commitment solidly anchor your practice.

The Takeaway: Consistency is the golden thread that weaves through the fabric of a successful meditation practice, underlined by a realistic, regular, and modest beginning.

Final Thoughts

The journey to a steadfast meditation practice, graced by simplicity, discipline, and constancy, is indeed a pilgrimage to your inner sanctum. The road may be fraught with challenges, but the serenity and insight gleaned along the path and at the destination profoundly outweigh the initial efforts. Understand that the inception is the most arduous part, but the subsequent journey unfolds with increasing ease and grace. Enrich your life by sowing the seeds of a regular meditation practice today, nurturing your soul and enlightening your path with the gentle glow of mindfulness and inner peace.

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Thanks and acknowledgement to the most excellent Nüwa Newsletter by OSCAR IDELJI
for the impulse and much better and simplified commentary on the above principles!

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