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23 Determination Tips

  1. Be warned, there is a price to pay for success. That price includes hard work, creative thinking, and a determination to keep trying and getting up, regardless whether you run into a brick wall, stumble over a bump in the road, or fall flat on your face.
  2. Dreaming can bring you pleasure. However, to make dreams realities, you must have the drive, passion, and determination to carry you through the tough spots. Develop your stubborn, single-mindedness. Set your plan in action and work towards your dreams until you reach them.
  3. Your dogged determination is the difference between accomplishing your goals and simply daydreaming about what might have been. Develop your success mindset and get busy to avoid future regrets.
  4. Persistence is the powerhouse that compels you to take calculated risks, in order to achieve your goals and dreams. Strengthen this trait by using your self-control to keep going when you feel like giving up. See every task through to completion.
  5. Develop strategies and habits to help you overcome obstacles that arise. The more strategies you create to address a variety of issues, the easier you’ll find it to continue on your path to success.
  6. In many instances, determination is just a matter of failing a task and fixing the issue, each time you fail to meet the goal, as is.
  7. Keep your energy level at a maximum, especially when you’re working towards a difficult or particularly complex goal.
  8. Taking that first step to make your dreams and goals a reality can be difficult. While this is wonderful and leads to multiple successes, the ultimate success is in finishing the major goal you set, accomplishing the overall dream.
  9. Use your courage and determination to work on every small goal as if it made the difference between achieving your dream and falling flat on your face. It very well could be; so, always be determined to do your best.
  10. Obstacles and hurdles that stand in your way give you the opportunity to stretch and strengthen your skills. Be thankful for these exercises. They also strengthen your resolution and bring you closer to your ultimate success.
  11. The number of times you fall and get back up is directly related to your success rate.
  12. Be careful how quickly you complete each goal. If you don’t go slow enough to notice new concepts or lessons along the way, you’re going too fast and probably focusing on the wrong things, like speed rather than on quality.
  13. You’ll feel better about yourself if you try and fail to achieve your goal, rather than if you don’t try and always wonder, “what if….”
  14. Even if you try to do something and it takes a long time to complete, you can still meet your goal, given enough time. It’s more important to finish what you start than to win the race every time.
  15. Knowing your personal boundaries can keep you on track, when it comes to meeting your goals. Sticking too closely to the boundary line can keep you from discovering what you are truly capable of when you step outside your comfort zone.
  16. If everything you plan goes smoothly, without a hitch, your goals are probably too easy and don’t challenge you enough. During the process, the obstacles and adversities teach you the most about yourself and your goal. Modify the goals to challenge you if needed.
  17. Don’t underestimate your determination. Sometimes, when you take everything into account, meeting your goal may seem like a miracle. Some days are just more trying than others. Take heart that tomorrow will be different.
  18. Your determination can carry you a long way from where you began. The satisfaction you feel after accomplishing a goal makes you want to do it again and again. Keep a large supply of determination on hand to fuel your journey to the next achievement.
  19. Develop your determination by finding inner pleasure and self-confidence from taking control of your behaviors and choices. When you realize your success is a direct result of your conscious actions, you strengthen your resolve to overcome even more obstacles and problems.
  20. How well you emulate a postage stamp determines how successful you are at overcoming adversity and keeping your word. The key is to stick to it until you accomplish your goal.
  21. Your sense of purpose and self-control play large parts in your ability to push yourself beyond your normal limits and strengthen your determination to succeed in meeting your goal.
  22. Problems can be difficult, exasperating, nuisances. However, they can also provide the most encouraging and informative insights and lessons. Choose to see “problems” as opportunities to learn unique aspects related to your goal.
  23. There is a difference between giving up on something and choosing to postpone it until a specific, more opportune time. Know the difference between the two. It’s ok to give up on something if you don’t intend to follow through or really want to achieve the goal.
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