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18 Ways to Help You Never Give Up!

  1. When you run up against a brick wall, you have to decide whether it’s worth it to you to climb this wall and the subsequent walls you encounter. If you aren’t sure, do more research and soul searching to find the answer that is best for you.
  2. In life, it’s important to have a sense of purpose, self-confidence, talents, and gifts, as well as a sense of community and a strong determination to overcome adversities. Develop these and other qualities for a fulfilling, meaningful life.
  3. When you choose to try something new, it’s important that you understand that “trying” something once doesn’t provide enough experience to decide if you would enjoy the activity or item in the long run. Try everything at least two or three times before giving up on that idea.
  4. Regardless of what you attempt to accomplish, if you give up, you won’t succeed. The only way to succeed is to continue trying different methods, strategies, and ideas that help you take a step closer to what you want to achieve.
  5. To achieve anything, you must have ambition, motivation, and dedication. When trying to attain your goal makes your life unhappy, consider if the situation is long-term. If so, giving up may be a better option. Only you can decide what is best.
  6. Search for successful role models who had similar goals and overcame issues regarding their level of determination. These can be your community members or a public figure, such as an author.
  7. Knowing when to hang on and persist, as well as knowing when to “let go” are both important to your happiness, success, and well-being.
  8. In many cases, success hinges on how much you want something and how persistent you are in trying to reach your goal.
  9. Keep your expectations for success realistic. If you want to read a book written in a different language but never heard the language, don’t expect to read one tomorrow simply because you are determined to do so.
  10. When you have some background knowledge regarding a topic, it’s much easier to achieve a related goal. This allows you to build on existing knowledge while you also learn new skills, strategies and you practice your determination to achieve your goal.
  11. Many people want to accomplish the same goal; however, success often depends on how committed you are to doing what it takes to achieve success. Some people don’t have the determination required. Check your level of determination to assure success.
  12. Failing to meet a goal isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you learn a lesson that helps you to meet future goals and expectations.
  13. When you set out to meet a goal, be sure you include perseverance and hope in your strategy for success. Without these two factors you’re more likely to give up and miss your chance at achieving the success you wanted.
  14. Great things have been achieved by people who were sick and tired of being sick and tired but were determined to see their goal through to the end successfully. Aspire to have this level of commitment and you too will likely succeed.
  15. Your willpower and determination is often fueled by your emotions. To increase your willpower, examine the emotions that motivate you to take action and get you excited about succeeding.
  16. Reduce your stress and negativity to help increase your positive outlook and tenacity. Since stress tends to suck the life out of you and your emotions, take steps to keep your level of stress at a minimum to gain a more optimistic and healthy frame of mind.
  17. When you need to develop your level of tenacity look within your mind, spirit and your emotions to strengthen those areas. While they are not part of your physical body, you can still learn to manage and control these areas to meet your needs.
  18. Your determination is frequently based on how motivated you are to succeed. To give your determination a boost, try strengthening your motives for achieving your goals. These tend to work together to help you stay on track.

Fear is another thing that has a negative affect on your level of determination. When you refuse to let fear get in the way of achieving the goals and success you want, you are more likely to react in a brave manner, which increases your rate of success.

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