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Spiritual Life Coaching Services

Kevin Parker is a Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach based in Bowral, in the Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia. He is available world-wide via video link-up for appointments. Visit for more information.

Kevin Parker Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach

The Parker Practice, tree-of-life-rooted in Shamanism, offers a variety of holistic and esoteric techniques for you to consider and then tailored to your needs. Your initial consultation pinpoints areas you want to focus on and matches them with the suitable techniques.

We work together to empower you, helping you manage your healing and spiritual development journey. We aim for tangible personal growth and finding or refining your life’s purpose. Shamanic Healing is always an option. Journeying, meditative, journaling and dialoguing techniques are core methodologies deployed.

Each session is unique, reflecting your sacred individuality. Sessions can begin with a divination, if you wish, to examine past, present, and future influences.

Multiple paths lead to integrated sovereignty. The modalities on offer fall under the banner of Spiritual Life Coaching, and might include Mindfulness & Meditation, Psychic Development, Past Life Healing, Ancestral Line Healing and more, either in isolation or combined. Explore the site to find what resonates with you.

Sessions are focused, practical, and empowering. Kevin provides homework to reinforce learning. He partners with you to design a personal framework and supports your journey at your pace.

Standard sessions are 1 or 1.5 hours, with longer sessions available. We suggest at least three to five sessions at AU$120 per hour or AU$180 per 1.5 hours.

Kevin is available world-wide via video link-up for appointments. Visit for more information.

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