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Space Clearing House Whispering Style

Kevin Parker is Professional Energetic Space Clearer, a House Whispering Consultant trained by the UK -based House Whispering Academy. He is available for face-to-face visits within a 150km radius of the NSW Southern Highlands or further afield by negotiation. Remote Consultation Service available by video link-up world wide. 

Space Clearing, the House Whispering way,  is about guiding people in discovering their relationship with the heart of home.

The art of exploring why we live where we do, and does our home support or hinder our life and soul purpose. The process illuminates, reveals and clarifies the relationship of our ‘inner’ home to our physical home, and how it reflects who we are. Have you ever wondered if your house was trying to tell you something?

Engaging in a House Whispering session we work with our client using a process that we term ‘Psychotherapeutic Regression’, this enables us to gather together the soul fragments of a building. It can be taken back to zero point by clearing, re-aligning and reconnecting a building to its original birth code thus remembering its original purpose. If a new function is needed, then a new code can be programmed into its memory.

A professional House Whispering Consultant considers and resolves:

* Do you feel at home where you live?

* Did you choose your house, or did it choose you?

* Is your home a sanctuary, a peaceful place to rest where you feel energised and nourished?

* Do you feel safe, secure and protected by your four walls, or do you feel a prisoner in your own home?

* Are you living your own life or the life of someone who has previously lived in your home?

* Is your home affecting your close or intimate relationships, libido and sex life?

The Consultation Process

What makes a home? Often people do not feel ‘at home’ even though they may have lived in the same place for many years. They do not know what the problem is, but are aware that something is just not right, does not feel good or sometimes feels really bad!

A house only becomes a home when our relationship with it is in true alignment. To be at peace in the environment where we spend much of our time requires a heart connection and true resonance with that space at a soul level.

A person will contact The House Whisperer when they need to resolve an issue in their lives related to where they live, whether it is a house, flat or apartment. This may be about relationships, health, or even paranormal activity, perhaps caused by poor development or building extensions – all contributing to why they feel unwell, cannot get on with the neighbours or even sell their house.

The nature of old energy that is left in a house by the previous occupants, can have a profound effect on your life when you move in.

“You have changed since we moved into this house; I don’t recognise you as the person I knew from before.”

A consultation seeks to address the deepest core issues that are causing problems for the client. My approach can be likened to that of a house detective or forensic architect. Exploring the significance of the deeper resonance between a person and their house in relation to the land and her inhabitants, human or otherwise, allows me to delve into the soul of a home and how it relates to the inner patterns and karma of the client. This psychotherapeutic process enables us to work together and unravel the reasons why a person may not feel ‘at home’.

The nature of old energy that is left in a house by the previous occupants can have a profound effect on your life when you

move in.

“You have changed since we moved into this house; I don’t recognise you as the person I knew from before.”

In their relationship with neighbours, many people find antagonism seeping through the walls.

“I call it the persecution room, partly because it was infiltrated by the family from next door…”

Although location is a key factor in the choice of a property, the fascinating aspect is why people are often drawn to move to places that are not good for them! The spirit of the house may well call them, rather than the other way around. Unless there is full alignment between yourselves and the house, issues will arise when people often say:

“Nothing has gone right since we moved!” or “We always argue when we go into a particular room.”

Psychologists tell us that the three most stressful things in life are death, divorce and moving house. This is because the framework of ‘house’ incorporates all nine areas of life which are shaken up simultaneously when we move: career, relationships, elders & ancestors, wealth & blessings, health, helpful friends, creativity & children, contemplation & meditation, and illumination & fame.

3 R’s: The house Whispering frame of reference for the stages of a consultation uses the language of the 3 R’s.Reading:  factual and intuitive perceptions of a house in unraveling life’s complexities.

Revelation: sharing findings with the client and encouraging them to recognise the underlying patterns causing their problems, leading to an ‘Aha moment’, the first point of potential transformation.

Resolution: resolving the core issues towards facilitating positive change within their home spaces.

Clients are guided on a profound journey of discovery and healing, seeing how the places where they live and work are far more than what many assume to be a mere backdrop to their lives. By merging the extraordinary with the ordinary, the work illustrates a multidimensional view of the nature of reality, inspiring people to improve their lives towards greater abundance at all levels. The aim is to remind you of and reconnect you with your intimate relationship to your living space – a world pulsating with life, wisdom and possibility – by helping you to truly make it feel like home.

Face-to-face consultations start from AU$500 and are available on the Southern Highlands of NSW, Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Greater Sydney & ACT. Consultations generally take 4-6 hours. Travel costs may apply. Remote Consultation is available world-wide by video- link-up. Contact Kevin to see if he may be of service in your situation. Free no-obligation 15 minute chat to discuss your needs.


Kevin Parker has been trained to an advanced level under the personal tuition of the original House Whisperer, Christian Kyriarcou.   Kevin offers his sincere thanks to Christian Kyriacou for the use of the text above . Please visit Christian’s comprehensive site to read more about his vast experience and the processes involved. His book, The House Whisperer: Discovering your relationship with the heart of home, is highly recommended. Christian also offers varying levels of training

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