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Twenty Mindfulness Tips to Help You Get through Your Working Day with Less Stress

1.           Start each new day off with a few moments of silence and reflection. You can even do this while sipping your tea or coffee. You start the day off on a more positive note Hhen you take the time to sit quietly or meditate,

2.           Before you drive off in your car, pause and pay attention to your breathing. If you sense any stress, take four deep and cleansing breaths.

3.           Become aware of any tension in your body while you are driving or sitting on the bus or train. For example, you might notice that your hands are wrapped tightly around the steering wheel or that you are sitting with your back slumped. Do whatever you need to do to ease away any tension you feel.

4.           Practice mindful driving by turning off the radio.

5.           Pay attention to the sights and sounds all around you by tuning into your environment.

7.           Use the walk across the parking lot to gather your energy and motivation for the day by breathing deeply and fully as you walk.

8.           While you are sitting at your desk, pay attention to any bodily sensations you feel such as tension in your back or any pain you might feel.

9.           If you experience pain or tension, take a moment to stop and breathe deeply for at least two to three breaths.

10.         Use your breaks to take a short walk so you can change your environment. If you can’t leave your desk, just close your eyes for a minute and see if you can turn your mind off completely.

11.         Change your environment for lunch as well by going outside to eat or sitting somewhere you wouldn’t normally sit.

12.         If you have an office, try closing your door and taking some time to consciously relax.

13.         Take a few moments every hour to stop and breathe deeply, to ward off any stress or strain and become aware of your breathing and bodily sensations, allowing the mind to settle in as a time to regroup and recoup.

14.         Use those everyday cues in your environment such as the phone ringing to ground and centre yourself.

15.         Take some time at lunch or during breaks to stop and talk to people. Try to focus on non-work related items.

16.         Eat one or two lunches per week in silence and use the time to eat slowly and just be with yourself.

17.         Retrace the events of the day before you go home and congratulate yourself for what you’ve accomplished. Make a short list for the next day before leaving.

18.         Pay attention to the short walk to your car by breathing in and out mindfully.

19.         At the end of the day, and before driving off, sit quietly and consciously as you make the transition from work to home.

20.         While you are driving, try to slow down if you feel like you are rushing.

21.         Once you get home, change out of your work clothes so you can transition into your next role. Consider taking a short shower to freshen-up.

22.         Take a moment to sit down and say hello to each of your family members or to those people you live with. You can even take five to 10 minutes to be quiet and still. If you live alone, feel what it is like to enter the quietness and spaciousness of your home.

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