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One Minute Zen Meditation Technique

The power of these simple breathing techniques is that they can be done anywhere at any time throughout your day making this Zen technique deceptively simple, yet effective.

Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. A sturdy chair is fine or, if you are able, sit-crossed-legged on the floor. Close your eyes for a deeper experience.

Take five deep breaths, allowing the breath to come naturally, without attempting to influence it.

To begin, mentally count to “one” as you inhale through the nose then exhale through the mouth.

When you exhale again, mentally count “two” repeating this until you get to the number five.

When you get to the number five, you can either stop counting or start over.

Aim for at least a one-minute practice, or as long as you are able to continue counting. As you breathe in and out pay full attention to the breath and try and direct your awareness to the process of breathing.

You can use this technique to take stock of what you are sensing or feeling and use the time to check into your mind and body. As you breathe in and out consider the following:

  • What kinds of sensations am I experiencing? (Tightness of the chest, a feeling of lightness, etc.)
  • What images if any come to mind?
  • What am I thinking right now?

Observe the thoughts that arise, you are not your thoughts, and let them pass. Observe any feelings or sensations that arise without judgement. Be kind to yoursellf.

Practising this kind of mindful breathing can be healing for your mind, body and spirit and energise your Being.

Utilising these breathing techniques can help you in many ways as verything in life starts and ends with breathing.

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