Sunday, July 14, 2024
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9 Insights for Personal Growth

  1. Make a conscious effort to focus on the positives, regardless how small. Getting into a positive mindset contributes to a higher level of inspiration and confidence.
  2. Create a list of strategies, activities, and actions that encourage you. Use them to ward off discouraging comments of others or your own negative self-talk.
  3. Everyone grows and develops at a different rate. Give yourself permission to grow beyond people around you. You may outgrow some people all together or in a certain capacity. Don’t allow people that refuse to grow to hold you back.
  4. Learning lessons the “hard way” is often painful. When the “wound” heals and the pain is gone, it is much easier to see how an “ugly” experience can change you into a beautiful, new, person. Remind yourself of such times from the past.
  5. When you experience pressure and stress, identify the parts of your body that are tense or hurt. This is a sign that your mental or physical strength is growing. Acknowledge it with a deep, relaxing breath and a positive “can-do” or gratitude phrase.
  6. Be patient with yourself as you focus on taking action to meet your goal. It’s better to reach your goals slower than anticipated rather than go so fast that you miss important lessons and insights from the process.
  7. As your life changes, your connections grow and change. Focus on connections that are based on pre-existing, long-term, deep relationships. They help you maintain a consistent source of support and stability, regardless of where you are or how your lives change.
  8. When you feel confused or overwhelmed about what you should do, practice silencing the mind-chatter and allow your spirit to direct and heal you.
  9. Accept and appreciate yourself, just as you are. Your self-love and confidence shine through to inspire others, while reminding yourself that you are worthy and valuable.
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