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Be You. They’ll Adjust: A Lyrical Ode to Authenticity

Be You. They’ll Adjust

In the grand theatre of life, brimming with its intricate stages and diverse acts, there lies an unspoken commandment, powerful yet poignant, sweet yet subtle: “Be You. They’ll Adjust”. This phrase, in its nuanced simplicity, harmonizes a melodic symphony of self-expression, acceptance, and resilience. It resonates with the symphony of every soul that yearns to unfold its wings of authenticity, to dance to the rhythmic beats of its unique song.

Be you, dear wanderer of life. Be the soft whispering breeze that hums its own tunes in the moonlit woods, not fearing the rustling leaves that might not dance to its rhythm. You are not here to adjust your winds to the swaying of the trees. Rather, the forest, in its eternal wisdom, will adjust. Be you, for there lies a silent power in the realm of your authenticity, a power that transforms, that heals, that uplifts.

There’s a reverie of stars shimmering within you, each star a fragment of your being, a luminary constellation of your dreams, your passions, your quirks, and your wonders. Do not eclipse these stars, these unique aspects of your personality to fit into the celestial patterns others have learned to recognize. Let your inner universe unfold, display its cosmic ballet, and let the galaxies gaze in awe. For in the vastness of life’s cosmic play, they’ll adjust.

Embrace the idiosyncrasies of your character, the joyful inconsistencies that make you, you. These are the colors that paint your essence, that create your vivid masterpiece on the canvas of life. If these hues seem too bold, too vibrant, or even too unfamiliar to others, do not dilute them, for the world, in time, will adjust its gaze to your kaleidoscopic beauty.

Be you, for you are a fluid poetry in motion, a sonnet with its unique cadence and meter. Do not exchange your verses to match the rhymes others are comfortable with. Rather, recite your truth, express your tale in your native tongue, and let your words find their rhythm. If your poetry disrupts the quiet, disturbs the calm, know this – your voice is not the storm but the much-needed rain. They’ll adjust, they’ll learn to find solace in the soft echoes of your verses.

In the grand symphony of life, let not your music be muffled, let not your dance be restrained. The universe cherishes diversity. It thrives in the unique manifestations of existence, it flourishes in the melange of individual truths. Be you, let your essence permeate the air, let your spirit resonate with the symphony of existence. For in the great dance of life, they’ll adjust.

Every soul has its unique rhythm, every heart, its distinctive beat. To modify these, to adjust these to the tunes of the world is to silence the exquisite symphony of self. Hence, let the world marvel at your music, let it sway to the rhythm of your spirit, let it sing along to the melody of your dreams.

“Be You. They’ll Adjust” is not merely a phrase. It’s a celebration of selfhood, a vibrant reminder of the beauty of authenticity, an enduring song of freedom. It’s an ode to the ones who choose to live unabashedly, who choose to be the creators of their life’s narrative, who dare to be themselves in a world that often forgets the magic of uniqueness. They are the ones who shape the world, who mould the universe to their rhythm, who leave footprints in the sands of time. To them, and to you, the world will not only adjust, it will learn, it will grow, and it will dance to the enchanting melody of your existence.

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