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12 Tips for Staying Motivated

  1. There is a time to wait and a time to take action to stay motivated. Discerning when each option is appropriate is fundamental  to the end-result and your success. Consider the potential consequences of each option and choose wisely.
  2. When you run into an obstacle or unexpected problem, take a deep breath. Out loud, tell yourself, “I’m not going to let this stop my progress. I’ll come up with a creative solution and continue on. I will stay motivated”
  3. Watching the clock doesn’t help you complete your goal faster. In fact, it usually slows down your progress. Focus on making the task a habit to increase your speed and motivate your progress.
  4. As you progress, it’s only natural for you to feel pleased about your accomplishments. Make sure you maintain a humble and grateful attitude to keep things in perspective for the next goal or stage as a part of your motivation practice.
  5. When things seem to be impossible, that’s when the most successful people roll up their sleeves and continue on with a renewed motivation to meet their goal. You are one of those successful people!
  6. Keep in mind that you don’t always learn what you “should” do. Sometimes you learn what you shouldn’t do. This gives you time to develop or discover a solution for how to handle things next time.
  7. Your motivation must have strong meaning for you. It doesn’t matter if anyone else understands the reasons you continue to keep trying. Your motives wouldn’t mean as much to them as they do to you. So if others don’t understand, just smile and keep making progress.
  8. When something doesn’t work or happen the way you expected, it doesn’t mean you failed. You don’t fail until you stop trying to succeed. Until that point, you are still trying and there is a chance for success.
  9. Motivation usually comes in two flavors, positive and negative. Both can provide the inspiration to transform ideas and motives into actions, which lead to successfully meeting your goal.
  10. The closer you are to meeting your ultimate goal the less likely you are to give up on your dream. Towards the end of the main goal, project or dream, look back at all you achieved. This helps you see the “finish line” more clearly and motivates your final successes.
  11. When you are unsuccessful at meeting a goal as planned, take a break to reassess the goal. Change the goal slightly, if it’s unrealistic, as is. If the goal is realistic, keep trying until you reach it. Sometimes all you need is a little more practice.
  12. Merely “winning” isn’t enough motivation. You need a strong, personally meaningful motive to win.
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