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Connect With Your Angel Guides in Seven Easy Steps

 Angels are truly universal across many of the worlds religions and cultures with a strong belief in them persisting to this very day. We find them in Zoroastrian, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism and many other spiritual traditions.

In the middle-ages Christian Mystic, Hildegard of Bingen, and Theologian Thomas Aquinas, both spoke in glowing terms of the potency and beauty of the angelic realms. St. Augustine, an authority on Angels, said, “Make friends with angels.” He recommended that we make personal relationships with angels and that we let our relationships with them deepen, much as we would with any important, intimate relationship.

Popularly Angels are seen as God’s Messengers, helpers, or sometimes deceased people working to maintain Gods Creation. Our perspective views Angels are Super-Evolved Beings whose role it is to foster, nurture and protect life and consciousness in the world. In this respect we can see them as Stewards of Evolution working from a Oneness with the Sacred All-that-is. From this point of view angels are Shepherds as well as Messengers.

In our belief and experience there appear to be many types of Angels. Angels of Cities, nations, organisations, professions, healing, protection, sound and even colour.

Each of us is assigned a Personal Guardian Angel who accompanies our soul through its various incarnations assisting us to learn the many lessons that it is necessary to integrate on our journey back to Source. They are radiant, loving, compassionate and powerful souls who guide the evolution of life on earth according to a divine plan in which each of us has a role to play.

Asking an Angel for Help

Asking an angel for help is one of our most powerful spiritual practices. We can ask the angels for immediate help at any time and in any place. The important thing is to just ask in the first instance. Christ consciousness manifest said “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7 King James Bible). Requests that are not for the highest good will be naturally filtered and we might receives insights and messages to modify our requests if they are unreasonably selfish or destructive to ourselves or others (possibly without us even realising that this is so).

Here are some techniques that will help you:

1) Ask for help – Angels offer us help 24/7. The more receptive we are, the more help they can give us. If we diminish our receptivity we limit the angels ability to help us. We can create our own invocations, or prayers, that specifically call for the help we need. Realize that when we call upon an angel, what really happens is that we open ourself into a greater receptivity to their assistance.

When asking for help, it’s important to realise yourself as fully worthy of angelic assistance. Angels work with everyone regardless of personal histories and beliefs. Angels are infinite and omnipresent, your request does not diminish them in any way, nor does it affect their ability to help the rest of us at the same time. They exist beyond our experience of time and space and respond to everyone with complete unconditional love.

2) Connect with your inner divine child as you call upon the angels and ask for help. Your inner divine child is whole, innocent and true and recognizes angels as trustworthy gifts of the Creator. This will help create openness, receptivity, excitement, eagerness and wonder as you prepare to receive the gift your angels have prepared for you.

The Angel Jophiel
Angel Jophiel

3) Hand everything over to the angels when you ask for their help: every issue, problem, worry and fear as well as every good intention and positive outcome you imagine as the result of your request. Release all expectations of how your request will be answered.

4) Express Appreciation and Gratitude. Find and express genuine appreciation and gratitude for things exactly as they are. If you are struggling with this, ask the angels to help you to find the love that is present in whatever difficulty you are facing. Have patience with this and let go of any expectation of how this love may be revealed to you.

5) Know that it is done. Every request is answered and help is always given. If you fear that your request will not be answered, then also ask for help in understanding. Trust that you will see the love in every answered prayer. You are known completely and loved unconditionally by the angels and nothing that will serve you is ever withheld from you.

6) Act quickly on the guidance you receive. Accept the opportunity and act upon it immediately. Angelic help is infinite and unlimited, you can not use it up or run out of it. You cannot ask for “too much” and the angels are joyously happy to give to you without limit. The faster you act, the faster you receive more assistance!

7) Celebrate yourself exactly as you are in the moment. Leave any critical judgments or negative feelings about yourself, your life, or others in the hands of the angels for healing. Even if it is just for a few moments, let go of everything that is not of love for yourself and everything around you. In this moment of surrender much more can be done for you by the angels than you can accomplish on your own. Thank yourself and the angels for deepening the relationship between you.

Hopefully this article gave you some helpful steps to connect more deeply with your Angels for help and assistance. Remember, Angels will be at your side with every step you take today. Angels are always with us and are eager to help.

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