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15 Ways To Clear Your Tarot Deck

When we bring home a set of Tarot Cards from the store, in and of themselves there is nothing magical about them. They need to be cleared or cleansed; or prepared so we can impart our energy in them. Once we do that, then the cards are ready to receive energy from us so we can use them in Tarot Divination.

There are those people who do not prepare their cards; they just take them out of the box and use them. However, most serious readers want to ensure the cards are spiritually cleansed of any outside influences and have their own spiritual imprint on them. This is why we prepare them before we use them first.

When people clear or cleanse their Tarot cards they are asking for assistance from positive energy to come to the aid of the reading and cards while banishing any bad energy or blockage at the same time. This ensures that the reading will be clear, clean, and as accurate as possible. The good or positive energy that the reader imparts on her Tarot deck is any good energy that the reader believes in. Here are some of the ways people clear their cards:

1. Invocations, Vigils, and Prayers

2. Singing, Chanting, or Music

3. Ritual Silence

4. Creating an Alter, placing statues, flowers, pictures, a glass of water, material

5. Using A Power Name

6. Incense, Smoke, and Smudging

7. Special Gestures and Offerings, moving within or outside a circle, exchanging gifts, (some people may symbolically throw something down or break something)

8. Lighting Candles or Burning a Fire

9. Fasting or Feasting on special foods such as eating a special thing or drinking a specific herb or tea

10. Using Power Objects such as crystals or putting on any ritual amulets, talisman, or spiritual jewelry such as beads

11. Burying or Unburying

12. Tying or Untying

13. Washing your Hands

14. Breathing Techniques

15. Shuffling

By doing a little ritual preparation you are invoking the good energy (whatever you consider good) to come in and assist you in your readings. In this way, you are giving the cards a little positive charge before you begin. These types of preparations do not have to be religious in nature. They can be non-denominational with whatever the reader believes to be good and positive energy to them. Many readers also clear the space and any objects they use before they read. The whole purpose of cleansing and clearing is to make sure your tarot cards and space is spiritually clean, free of any negative debris that accumulates. It is like breathing fresh air spiritually on your Tarot Cards and space to ensure the best reading you can give.

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