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Planetary Influence On The Zodiac

Sun Zodiac

The Sun and Moon are known as luminaries and are the most important planets in an astrological chart. The sign that your Sun was in when you were born gives your Sun sign, which is the basis for newspaper horoscopes. It is the most important planet in your horoscope and represents your basic identity and who you are deep down.

The Sun is the centre of all life and represents a person’s personality and spirit. The Sun represents reason rather than instinct and shows who you are becoming It is associated with your ego and personality, that which makes you unique and is the source of your identity. The Sun also shows your creative ability and how you exhibit and deal with authority is described by your Sun. It represents your power to meet the challenges of everyday life and has a vital life force that gives you the strength, energy and will to succeed. It is the ruling planet of Leo.

The Moon, on the other hand, gives us our Soul. The Moon is the ruling planet of the Zodiac sign Cancer. It is very much associated with the mother and with maternal instincts. In Chinese astrology, the Moon represents Yin, while the Sun represents Yang.

The Moon shows the basis of your emotions giving insights into you’re emotional about and how, why and where you express your feelings. It represents your deepest personal needs, basic habits and reactions and your unconscious. It shows how you instinctively react or respond to problems and what you look to for a sense of security.


The Moon also describes how and where you can be moody, restless and irrational, it’s nature describes how you respond when you don’t have time to think, for example in a crisis or unsettling moment.

Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo. It is the planet of the mind and of communication. In other words, it is the planet of the idea and the means to communicate the idea. The planet Venus rules over Taurus and Libra. Venus is associated with characteristics and principles of harmony and beauty. It is, of course, concerned with love. It is also concerned with the pleasure we derive from personal possessions.

Mars is the ruling planet for the dynamic Aries, and to some astrologers, Scorpio, although modern astrologers now determine that Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. Mars is the planet that is concerned with the things you want, and how you go about getting those things. Jupiter is associated with pleasure and enjoyment. It is the ruler of Sagittarius and is also associated with principles of growth, religion and higher education.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and is associated with principles such as reality and restrictions, boundaries and rules. Saturn was traditionally the ruler of Aquarius until the discovery of the planet Uranus. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and is associated with deception, illusions, spirituality and psychic phenomena. The planet Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and is associated with the concept of transformation.

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