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11 Aromatherapy Oils To Help You Sleep Soundly

The primary purpose of aromatherapy is to produce an odor that induces an effect on the human body. The smells from aromatherapy work on a subconscious level. Different smells can stimulate or calm the brain and evoke feelings and promote mental and emotional well being or relax the person as needed.

In this respect aromatherapy provides a natural way to deal with insomnia, relaxation, anxiety, and stress, it can be most useful in helping you get a sound nights sleep.

Aromatherapy oils are effective in that lovely bath before bed, just add few drops from the selection below in your bath water. For those with a significant other the oils can be used for a mutually beneficial massage, or you can even sprinkle a few drops on your pillow at night or around your bed.

A late night herbal cuppa, such as Chamomile tea, in combination with a chamomile oil in incense burner can help you to punch out zzzzzs uninterrupted through the night. Try four drops of chamomile and four drops of lavender in your oil mix to amplify the effect in a diffuser.

Aromatherapy candles are also available in the various scents that are mentioned below and come in different colours to help atmosphere and mood.

Meditation and yoga practice can work excellently in conjunction with aromatherapy oils. Avoid alcohol, coffee or eating before bed and curl up with a good book and put the following essential oils to work.

Try and purchase the best quality oils that you can afford, it makes a difference. Better to have just a few quality oils than a batch of inferior products. or you can place drops of it surrounding your bed. Gradually build up your collection when it is not going to break your budget. You deserve it!

Here are our top 11 essential oil tips to assist a good nights sleep.

1.  Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an excellent choice when it comes to help with sleep. The benefits lavender oil confers include lowering heart rate, temperature and blood pressure, and reducing anxiety. Smells great too!

2.  Chamomile Oil

Delivers a calming relaxing effect on the mind.

3.  Ylang Ylang Oil

Lowers blood pressure and heart rate and sets the body up for sleep. A very fruity, calming and pleasing scent.

4.  Bergamot Oil

Noted for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, bergamot oil also helps reduce stressful thoughts and blood pressure, it can help slow the heart rate and prepares the body for sleep. Put a few drops in a steaming pot of water and breathe in deeply to relax before sleep.

5.  Valerian Oil

Known for having a deeply calming effect overall. Used as an ingredient in many nighttime teas for this reason.

6.  Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood promotes deep rest with its emotional and mood-balancing properties. Always include at least a little sandalwood as an ingredient in a sleep blend.

7.  Peppermint Oil

Good for promoting restfulness by clearing your head. Relaxing aroma and helpful for sufferers of seasonal allergies or dust sensitivity.

8.  Cedarwood Oil

Can help ease stress and take the edge off. Apply topically or blend with chamomile and then diffuse in the air of your bedroom.

9.  Marjoram Oil

Will soothe you both physically and mentally, and assist deep, peaceful sleep to help you recharge.

10.  Clary Sage Oil

Good to help soothe a troubled mind

11.  Eucalyptus Oil

Good to clear suffers excessive phlegm production if this is an issue for you, a blocked nose is not helpful at bedtime! Eucalyptus oil will relax you and help relieve your congestion.

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